About Us
Who is AMP?
Advanced Mobile Protection (AMP, LLC) is the brainchild of Fred and Marsha Newman, who have a combined 50 years experience dealing with high-level security, false alarms and response issues. AMP is dedicated to bringing the highest level of security, commonly found in major municipalities and government & business facilities, down to the personal level at an affordable price. AMP's core product is the OnCall Defender™ personal mobile panic alarm and medical alert for the iPhone, monitored by a professionally staffed central station.
What is OnCall Defender™?
OnCall Defender™ is the world's first fully monitored mobile panic alarm and medical alert. Available as a free download for the iPhone, OnCall Defender™ is the only 24/7 personal protection and/or medical alert mobile GPS alarm system that is connected to a professionally staffed central monitoring station with a direct link to local law enforcement and EMS dispatch.

Fred Newman
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AMP, LLC

Fred Newman, co-founder of AMP LLC and OnCall Defender™, has more than 20 years experience in the high technology alarm and security industry. He has consulted on critical high-level security issues, both domestic and foreign, providing solutions for Fortune 100 companies, military bases, prisons, transportation, aviation, utilities and telecommunications. He has spent the past nine years working as an integrated security consultant for companies in critical markets including airports, large sector utilities, military and corrections.

Previously Fred was co-founder and CEO of a U.S. company that developed and manufactured proprietary software and hardware-based high-level Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). There he provided risk assessment management and integrated security advice to high-risk organizations as well as law enforcement officials on matters of international terrorism and physical security for county buildings and facilities, including emergency contingency planning during the 1991 Gulf War. He completed Advanced Tactical SWAT and Hostage Release training as part of a major airport police detachment.

With the introduction of the iPhone and other mobile application technologies, Fred along with his wife Marsha, also a security system's development expert, saw the opportunity to offer the highest level of security to individuals at an affordable cost. With this idea, OnCall Defender™ was born and will be followed by other smartphone support, including Blackberry and Android.

Fred is a contributing author to the book "Prime Target: Security Measures for the Executive at Home and Abroad," a must-read for psychiatrists, security experts and other professionals who want to get into the minds of those who make terrorist threats and may carry them out. He holds a BA in Political Science, International Relations, with a focus on political violence and a minor in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he also worked on a Masters Degree studying international terrorism. He has spent extensive time in the Middle East, including academic studies of the sociopolitics of the region, and worked as a research analyst focusing on patterns of air piracy. Fred has also studied film at USC, UCLA and the American Film Institute.

Marsha Newman
Co-Founder and President, AMP, LLC

Marsha Newman, co-founder of AMP, LLC has over 20 years experience in the alarm technology business working with customers at the Federal, state, county and municipal level as well as Fortune 100 companies, Previously, she was the President and Co-Owner of a company that designed and manufactured state-of-the-art computer-based physical security systems used throughout the world.

Under her leadership, the company was responsible for helping to create a market for high-level computer based security systems which continue to exist today. She led the program for testing and/or specifying physical security installations for various top level government agencies and many municipal, state and Federal correctional departments. She has also consulted internationally for the Norwegian Olympic Committee, Ministry of Interior in Great Britain and on physical security upgrades at Kensington Palace in London, correctional systems in the Caribbean rim and high-risk assets in the Arabian Gulf countries.

Marsha created the first and largest integrated physical security program for the transportation industry resulting in system-wide remote facilities electronically protected and installed by her products and employees. She was also integral to the implementation of the largest physical security program in The United States for a major municipal water system. In addition, she was instrumental in creating patented technology for the protection of entrance and egress points.

It was through her extensive security background and experience that Marsha, along with her husband Fred, conceived the groundbreaking approach to personal protection, OnCall Defender.™ With the introduction of mobile application technology platforms, such as the iPhone, they immediately recognized an opportunity to offer the highest level of security to individuals at a price that every smartphone user can afford.

Marsha has been published in Corrections Today and Security Magazine and she was the recipient of the international IFSEC award for best new security technology 1992. She holds a BA in General Studies and Education with honors from the University of Michigan.